What are the different types of Basement Conversions?


Transforming your basement is a highly lucrative investment that can significantly increase the value of your home. With careful upkeep and protection, your basement can become a desirable and functional space. If you're considering converting your basement into a livable area, it's worth exploring the most popular options available in the UK. Investing in a basement conversion is a big decision, but one that's increasingly popular among London homeowners. A basement offers complete privacy and a secluded area that can be used for a variety of purposes, from a kitchen to a cinema room, swimming pool, or gym. Depending on your budget and needs, there are several types of basements to choose from. Don't hesitate to explore your options and transform your basement into the ultimate living space.

Full Basement Conversion

The full basement conversion is the most comprehensive type of basement that can be created under your home, including any extensions. This conversion adds the maximum amount of space to your property, essentially creating a whole new floor. It is also the most expensive option starting at £400-600k (plus VAT), and takes the longest time for design, planning, and construction.

Half Basement Conversion

Opt for a half-basement conversion to create a brand new space underneath the main part of your house, excluding any extensions. This option starts at a cost of £150k (plus VAT) and provides ample room for an additional room beneath the main section of your home. Our expert architectural teams can also design a lighting well to accompany your new basement area, enabling more light to enter your newly created space and even generating a small outdoor area at the front or rear of your property.

Garden Basement Conversion

Introducing the garden basement - a fantastic option for those seeking extra space without disrupting the main structure of their home. With a starting cost of £150-200k (plus VAT), this type of basement conversion requires a garden area on your property. However, it is a much simpler construction process than other types of basements and can be used for hobbies or storage. Don't hesitate to consider this option if you need additional space, as it has a similar timeframe to other basement types.

Cellar Basement Conversion

For those seeking a more compact storage space, a coal cellar basement is an ideal option. This type of basement is thin and located underneath your home without a lighting well. It is perfect for storing perishables that require a cool, dark environment, such as wine. The cost of a coal cellar basement starts at £50k (plus VAT), and our surveyors will provide you with detailed information on the available options and timelines during your complimentary site survey. Choose a coal cellar basement for an efficient and effective storage solution.

In London, local Borough councils have implemented stringent regulations governing the type and depth of basements that can be constructed for many properties. It is imperative to consult with your local building authority to determine the feasibility of your basement plans, and to discuss your options with one of our surveyors who have conducted their own investigations. Rest assured, Basement Conversion London can transform your basement into a revitalized space for you and your loved ones, subject to planning permission and your financial resources.